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The Clutchlite.

The Clutchlite

The Clutchlite and its different versions reduces the power to pull the clutch by different ratios of the pulling mechanism. The principle is very simple, effective and easy to install.

The Clutchlite is manufactured from high carbon steel by different CNC tooling machines. Then every Clutchlite has to pass several hardening and heat treatment processes. Permanent quality controls make sure that the mechanical specifications are held within tolerances and every Clutchlite will last longer than your engine or transmission.

There are thousand of customers who have chosen Clutchlite as their favourite »easy to pull« clutch system and we have never had a single complaint on what we have created. Should you decide to install a easy to pull clutch system, please choose for one of our different Clutchlites and you may decide, how far you want to go with the reduction.

These Clutchlites are available:

  • Clutchlite soft with 20% reduction
  • Clutchlite x-soft with 30% reduction
  • Clutchlite xx-soft with 40% reduction

In case you are looking for the 40 percent reduction, please consider that you may need a slight re-adjustment of the clutch.

Ideally also for high speed clutches. For all Twin-Cam models and EVO models starting from 1987 as well as Sportster models starting from 1994.